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This web site is an informational site to show some examples of my art.  Thirty years ago I started out to be a professional artist, but various medical problems prevented me from continuing.  About four years ago, the doctors said I was allergic to gluten, and when I virtually eliminated wheat from my diet I began to feel better.  So, in 2005, after twenty-five years since I last touch a brush and barely touching a drawing pencil, I resumed my efforts to work as an artist.  I set as my goal to do 100 Native American pencil drawings and 100 miniature paintings to get back up to my former level as an artist. The artwork in this web site are some of those practice pieces.

[I wanted my contact info beside this picture, but the program won't let me do it, so I have to put it down here.]

Paul M. Bowman
P. O. Box 1978
Ferndale, WA 98248

Phone: 604-856-4919